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Automate your business processes | Custom API integration

Grow your business as a technology platform, improve access to critical information and free your people up to be even more amazing.

APIs allow systems to talk to systems, providing seamless connectivity ...

Software Development

We build affordable web based software to meet our clients' unique business requirements.

With our full-stack expertise, you can provide your people with the tools they need to complete tasks effectively, so they can spend their creative energy impacting your business.

We analyse processes, identify pain-points and engineer solutions that eliminate frustration, reduce the risk of error and increase productivity.
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System Integration

You can automate Leads > Quotes > Orders.

How cool would it be if your CRM was integrated with your Accounting package?

Build custom APIs and integration hubs to make your data available between systems and organisations.

We integrate systems. You can integrate anything.
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Interactive Reports & Dashboards

Consolidate data collections and streamline your aggregation and reporting processes.

Build functional datatables and charts so users can drill down into the datasets they need.

Improve access to critical information and achieve rapid intelligence across business units.
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we custom dev
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Some Examples

You can create what you can imagine

Wordpress Leads to SageOne Quotes

Are you spending hours creating SageOne Quotes from website Leads?

You can save that time with a simple, cost effective integration.

Streamline your quotation process.
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Are your systems a mix of on-premise & cloud?
Is your data scattered across systems & locations?
Do you need to move data from one system to another?

Inventory > website > Accounts

Integrate your stock control system with your website and your accounting package

website > Freshbooks

Integrate your website's request form with data in your Freshbooks account

do cloud databases

Store data in the cloud and reduce the cost of on-premise infrastructure

ERP <website> CRM

Pull tickets, stories, inventory and account balances into your bespoke workflows & dashboards. Monitor KPIs and make decisions on the fly
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Integrated Supply Chain

Are you managing a parent-subsidiary supply chain?

Consolidate Companies, Accounts, Sales, Procurements, Warehousing, Operations, Logistics.

Automate the flow of data between companies & supply chain partners.

Improve group visibilty and succeed in a cohesive value story.

Monitor transactions, locations, levels, changes, conditions.
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Bespoke Dashboards

Streamline data gathering and aggregation processes.

Achieve rapid intelligence across business units.

Interactive dashboards with data from multiple systems.

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Lots of Green Ticks

  • Being more accessible
  • with a smaller footprint
  • allows you to react faster,
  • achieving increased productivity,
  • visibility, accountability, compliance
  • and customer delight!
  • It's easier to manage
  • a scalable business.

Integration Lab

Here's how we'll add value to your business


BPMO Consulting

Analyse your current systems and processes. Engage users and manage requirements.

Formulate and implement strategies that provide direction and support.

Get user buy-in with incremental changes and minimize resistance to change. Understand the change and its effect on people. Equip individuals for agility and success.

Well managed processes and expected outcomes provide teams with the clarity and direction needed to:
- self manage and innovate
- simplify onboarding and knowledge transfer
- achieve business objectives

We can help you identify pain points, minimize cost, maximize throughput and develop your cutting edge.


Automate the Flow of Data

As your company grows, your data grows. You accumulate leads and quotes, more customers, more orders and job cards and invoices and their related records. Perhaps more tasks and products lead to new suppliers and more opportunities.

Keeping your various systems in sync with the right data can quickly become unwiedly

- Eliminate frustration
- Reduce the risk or error
- Save time, Increase productivity

This is often where the integration journey begins ...


Streamline your Workflows

Give your people the tools they need to complete tasks effectively, so they can spend their creative energy impacting your business.

- Facilitate better communication
- Improve accuracy & efficiency
- Improve transparency & accountability
- Enhance decision making

Interact with 3rd Party APIs and enrich your systems, incorporating other peoples' data into your workflows:

Data feeds, shared documents, message queues, calendars, social plugins and more


Consolidated Reports

Consolidate data between systems and streamline your reporting processes.

Build web-based dashboards and Excel charts off live data sources.

Improve access to decision critical information.


Custom Development

Full stack custom dev to fulfill your unique business requirements.

- Intranet, Extranet, Internet
- Databases
- Data driven MVC sites
- Portals
- File sharing
- Data streaming
- Interactive User Journies


Build your own APIs

Build your business as a technology platform,

Unlock your data - let people and systems interact seamleassly.

Make your systems available to other businesses,

Add value to and share costs with your supply chain partners.


Continuous Improvement

Pro-active analysis of data, systems and processes.

The discipline of opimization is a major quantitative tool in decision making. Continuous improvements help keep your business relevant to the constantly changing environment.

- Assure compliance with regulations and standards
- Achieve Greater consistency
- Maintain your competitive advantage

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Integration Lab is a custom integration partner specialising in business process optimisation and solution engineering.

We have eccentric Codesmiths, serene Grandmasters and the Architect of your hassle-free vibes. We enjoy a penchant for process and have passions with technology, boasting the skills and experience needed to add real value to worthy endeavours.

With key competencies in requirements management, UX analysis, API architecture and software development, we are a full stack integration partner that streamlines businesses and keeps them agile.

We believe in small wins and providing people with tools they actually need, so they can focus on impacting the bottom line.

Our industry knowledge includes: Supply Chain, Logistics, Catering, Digital Marketing, Online Gambling, Tobacco Processing, Compliance, ERP, CRM, BPM, SOA, SDLC